K-pop Fans Vs. K-pop Fans

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Why is it that even though k-pop fans tend to love meeting other k-pop fans in person, there’s so much rivalry online between netizens? Every time I read comments on k-pop sites or blogs, I find that fans fight over basically anything. Think about it this way. K-pop may be spreading but the fan population still has a way to go before becoming really popular. As for now, k-pop fans should still be banding together in unity with the goal of spreading k-pop even more! Sensitive topics naturally arise sometimes and hence lead to disagreements, but bickering over petty issues is just unnecessary.

For example, I find that many k-pop fans love to argue about which band is the best. I’ve done this myself in the past and I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t even make sense. Which band is the best is up to the person — its an opinion. Many times have I seen people try to bring in popularity to support their point, but that honestly doesn’t change anything. Popularity simply means that a lot of people agree in liking the band. 2ne1 isn’t a better girl group than Girls Day just because they are more popular; it depends on your taste in music and what you think. Since everybody has different opinions and nobody can be proven right, I wish fans would stop holding this argument.

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Another topic for squabbles is which company is the best. I’ll gladly admit that if you keep up with your reading, you’ll know that certain k-pop companies sometimes mistreat their artists. S.M entertainment has been accused of mistreatment such as forcing water diets, favoring certain groups (SNSD), and changing comeback dates on multiple occasions. Other companies have had many scandals of their own, including YG’s marijuana issue. Despite all of this, blindly rooting for your favorite company is just unnecessary. The topic of discussion as to why abuse shouldn’t be tolerated in companies makes sense, but just saying a company is the best or the worst is useless. Whats the point when it just causes quarrels among fans?

Lastly, k-pop fans always love to fight about dating in the k-pop industry. Many enjoy shipping idols together, while others enjoy claiming stars as their own. Whos right and whos wrong? The way I see it, once again, it honestly doesn’t matter. Even though those fans who claim k-pop stars as their “husbands” or “wives” may seem a little obsessive, I doubt many of them really think they are going to marry any k-pop stars. They are simply sad to see someone they like so much date. Its not like this is uncommon among people when it comes to affection for stars. Although it may be tempting to criticize these people, they are going to think the way they want anyway so there’s no point to arguing. Just as those who ship k-pop couples too much are criticized at times, those people are going to think the way they want. There’s no reason to stop them.

Being a k-pop fan, it hurts me to see other k-pop fans clash over such meaningless topics. Lets all just get along and continue to share our love for k-pop. How ’bout it?


2 thoughts on “K-pop Fans Vs. K-pop Fans

    • tiakia67 August 16, 2014 / 1:41 am

      Haha let’s! Thanks for reblogging 🙂

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